• "Jean teaches to your child's need in a fun and engaging way. It is never "routine." Therapy is based on the needs of the child when they walk through the door for their session." Eileen Laguna (see more Facebook reviews)

  • "Possabilities is a top-notch Occupational Therapy environment! As a parent, I was able to collaborate with them on strategies that would work for my child. They have innovative approaches to today's challenging and changing children that other area therapy settings do not have. They took the time to get to know my child, and they researched new and different ways to help him learn and progress. My child made tremendous progress under their treatment, and I would highly recommend Miss Jenny and the other therapists at Possabilities." Kathy S.

  • "Our son had previously been in speech therapy as a small child. But in the spring of 7th grade, a lifetime of 'klutziness' and 'bad handwriting' and 'fidgeting' came to a head, when his school advisor alerted us that his handwriting during tests was so bad, neither he nor a teacher could read it. We were quickly connected with Jean Weatherilt at PossAbilities. With a revised diagnosis, our immediate concerns were with his physical well being and we assumed his handwriting would never improve. Jean reassured us that with effort, focus, and determination, he could see improvement even in his handwriting. How right she was! He'll never win a penmanship award, and the workload of high school means he's typing a great deal, but he has learned cursive well enough to write short notes, flash cards, and other 'daily life' activities. As a result, his confidence and comfort in the classroom and with schoolwork has increased." Cynthia S.

  • "Absolutely LOVE it! Outstanding team, state-of-the-art place, super understanding and very kind team of professionals. We've been with Jean for a 2 years and see so much improvement. Thank you PossAbilities team!" Olga Pitenko (see more Facebook reviews)

  • "When we arrived at PossAbilities with our 4-year-old son, my husband and I knew very little about Sensory Processing Disorder. We attempted to read as much as possible to learn more about what type of therapy our son needed. Our son was diagnosed with this disorder two months earlier by a therapist with a hospital in our area. We started therapy and knew immediately that this wasn't working. Our son was forced to wear a weighted vest and was placed at a table to color and play with play dough. We were frustrated and he was too! After searching and talking to others, we found Jean. After visiting with her and touring her wonderful gym and facility, we knew this was the place for Zach to be – and we were right! We drove 75 minutes once a week for Zach to receive therapy. He loved it and we began to see the difference it made! Not only did Jean help Zach, but she helped us as well. We learned so much from her and we incorporated into our daily life at home. Zach made amazing progress and he looked forward to his therapy every week. He completed his Kindergarten year, and it was a success - much owed to Jean and PossAbilities! We highly recommend the services offered by PossAbilities and we feel so blessed that we found them!" -Monica from Gower, Mo.

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