By: PossAbilities | July 24, 2020

manage child anxiety during a pandemic: self-regulatory strategies

Nearly everyone is experiencing a dramatic increase in his or her feelings of anxiety in recent months, and as the pandemic stretches on, so does the anxiety.

This is true for our children as well, particularly our children that have challenges in the area of sensory processing.

They may be feeling more anxiety as a result of the loss of social interaction, loss of daily structure, uncertainty about the coming school year or about getting sick.

Finding strategies to reduce this anxiety in both our children and ourselves is vital to our well-being. 

Here are some strategies to help manage stress, anxiety and promote self-regulation.

By: PossAbilities | May 07, 2019

summer sensory activities

Warm weather and sunshine has us looking forward to summer!

By: PossAbilities | September 08, 2017

Did you know that speech and language therapy can help children who are struggling to learn to read and write?

Speech-language pathologists assess and treat a variety of communication disorders: stuttering, receptive and expressive language disorders, speech sound disorders, social pragmatic language deficits, and more.


As a result, this background makes them experts in oral language development, which serves as the foundation for learning to read, spell, and write.


Speech-language pathologists can support literacy in the following ways:

  •  Foster language development and early literacy skills
  • Identify students at risk for reading and writing difficulties
  • Assess reading skills
  • Assess writing skills
  • Advocate for effective li...